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Welcome to the terms of use cited for SkyZ Infotech. If you are scrolling through our website https://www.skyzinfotech.com, you abide by all the rules on our website.


The readers are notified that you abide by our terms and conditions if you are scrolling through our website or downloading any material from our website (www.skyzinfotech.com). If you are not regulating accordingly or refuse to abide by our terms, then using our website to download or use any material is not applicable.

Agreement To Use Of Certain Terms

Any references to words such as “we,” “our,” or “us” throughout the website pertain to the name of the company, i.e., SkyZ Infotech. We operate this site and reserve any right to change the terms and conditions without providing any prior notice.

Our website will be regulated by the revised version as and when required. You are recommended to check the website for revised terms occasionally. Importantly, the services SkyZ Infotech provides are subscribed to and agreed upon by the user. The website has a Privacy Policy that the user must go through, too.

Income and Earnings Using Our Services

SkyZ Infotech offers web design, website development, eCommerce development, digital marketing, content marketing, and data entry services. Our services do not have any legal binding or guarantees that you will earn income by applying our tools, strategies, or marketing techniques. The material issued or written by us is solely for informational purposes.

SkyZ Infotech does not guarantee income or earnings using our website content. We do not offer any legal or professional advice. Any project-related earnings or data shown on our website are for illustrated purposes. You must not consider that as your average earning. You can use your accountant and lawyer regarding financial figures and earnings through services. You will be held accountable for your decisions and actions regarding the above-mentioned services.

Disagreement To Our Terms and Conditions

You are prohibited from using our website if you disagree with full or any part of our terms and conditions. You will not be eligible to access our website’s services too.

You are free to access the information and details cited on SkyZ Infotech but are prohibited from reproducing it in any form. A legal binding will be drawn on the customers who reproduce the content illegally.

The content owned and produced or actions taken are purely the right of SkyZ Infotech. We can share the content from archives but will never change any original forms and contents going against our company rules just for the sake of development. You can submit the feedback and suggestions, but there is no legal binding that we will use your ideas or compensate you if we have included your suggestions.

Other Important Disclaimer Terms

SkyZ Infotech cannot be held responsible by viewers for losing computer data when downloading material from our website. All the content available on our website is protected by the copyright laws. You cannot illegally use our site’s data, which calls for a criminal offense. Our website data is easily accessible as per the guidelines provided by compliance authorities.

This Terms and Conditions was last updated on: 02 November, 2023